I have included videos in order to more fully explain the carving process. The Waskesiu video is the first of such videos.

Waskesiu Carving

It was my privilege to have been given the opportunity to carve two reclaimed white spruce tree stumps for the visitors of Prince Albert National Park. The Waskesiu carvings were commissioned by the Park and were completed from September 6 to 17, 2011. The trees were damaged in a storm July of 2011 and the carvings were an opportunity to give these stately trees new life and meaning.

'Sanctuary' is situated along Lakeview Drive behind the Visitor's Centre. It is a likeness of Grey Owl and Anahareo. 'Sanctuary' represents the work of the Park in providing a safe place for wild life to thrive just as Grey Owl and Anahareo had done years prior.

'Harmony' is situated along the walking path near the beach change house. It is the likeness of an eagle and a Mother/Father Earth image. 'Harmony' represents the mission of the Park in providing a space within which all nations can have an opportunity to live in peace with and to appreciate the tremendous gifts that nature provides.

I am grateful to my uncle Ken Styan who patiently created the video using pictures that my husband Len took during the carving process.

Carving Examples

Acknowledgements and thanks go out to Sue Stene who created and published the video for my benefit.