Pumpkin Carving Gallery

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These pumpkins are carved with the same tools and techniques as used for wood carving. This form of pumpkin carvings is great for practicing wood carving patterns.

The pumpkin carvings in the gallery are shown as an example of the artist's work and are not available for order. However, similar patterns can be reproduced in wood carvings. Please contact Doris Sheldon to discuss orders of wood carvings or for commissioning of custom pieces.


Pumpkins - Happy Pumpkins - Toothy Pumpkins - Stitches Pumpkins - Top
Pumpkins - Leaves Pumpkins - Stern Pumpkins - Worried Pumpkins - 90 Pounds
Pumpkins - Bones Pumpkins - Grin Pumpkins - Drool Pumpkins - Trio
Pumpkins - Gross Pumpkins - Pumpkins -